RoadHawk 720

The RoadHawk 720 is an affordable 720p forward facing camera designed for any vehicle. It is a simple but effective black box camera system with the ability to capture evidential grade video in the event of a road traffic accident.

The RoadHawk 720 camera can be fitted to just about any vehicle in less than 10 minutes. Once the camera receives power from the vehicle’s accessory power socket it turns on and starts recording both video and audio on a constant loop.

An 8gb Micro SD card is supplied with the RoadHawk 720 camera that allows for around 2 hours of video on a loop. Once the SD card becomes full, the camera records over the earliest files and continues to record until the power to the camera is stopped. Any CLASS 6 or higher Micro SD card up to 32gb can be used. The camera uses 4gb per hour of video.

The video files created by the RoadHawk 720 camera can be viewed on any computer. No software is required other than your standard video playing software already installed on MAC and PC operating systems.

This black box camera is very small, measuring just 60mm across and 30mm in diameter. Due to the size and cost of this system, it makes a superb rear facing camera when mounted in the rear window. The RoadHawk 720 camera also has LIVE video output and playback facility. The 5m power cable supplied with the camera is long enough to route around the edges of the windscreen keeping the wiring out of sight.

Included in the power cable is a composite video connector that can be connected to just about any video monitor for playback of the files that have been recorded or for seeing a LIVE view from the camera.

There is a single audio switch that allows the user to quickly disable the audio. For commercial purposes, we can permanently disable the audio if required. A hard wiring kit and extension cables are also available for this camera.


  • 1 x RoadHawk 720 camera
  • 1 x Adhesive camera mount
  • 2 x Spare 3M pads
  • 1 x 5m Power cable
  • 1 x USB card reader
  • 1 x 8gb Micro SD Card
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Image Sensor: WDR CMOS
  • Lens: 135 Degree Wide Angle HD Lens
  • Effective Pixels: 1280 x 720
  • Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Video Format: H.264
  • Memory: Up to 32GB Micro SD
  • Working Temp: -5 to 40 Degrees C
  • Storage Temp: - 20 to 80 Degrees C
  • Power Consumption: Less than 1w
  • Power input: 12v DC

Price: $199.99

Product Code: ROAQRZY61 IN STOCK

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Main Benefits of roadhawk

  • Continue to drive on the roads in the knowledge that you are armed with TEDR at your window
  • NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! Pay once for a stand alone unit car black box recorder. Protect your no claims discounts.
  • Drastically reduce overall running costs for your fleet and ensure your drivers are behaving as they should be, reducing litigation costs.
  • Works anywhere in the world using accurate GPS.

Videos of BLIP roadhawk in use


Why roadhawk Cameras?

In the event of a non-fault accident, a RoadHawk vehicle camera can provide the evidence required to exonerate a driver.

Unlike other in-car black box camera systems, the RoadHawk units such as the DC-1 continually record video and GPS data on a loop on to a solid state SD memory card. A single memory card can hold several days of information that can be used in evidence should a court case occur. Protect yourself against increasing crash for cash fraudulent claims.

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